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Post-extraction instructions

  •  Take your prescribed pain medication ASAP, before the anesthetic wears off.
  • Fold your gauze into a roll. Bite on gauze until bleeding stop. Can change soggy gauze every 10-15 min. If bleeding still persists after 2 hours, use tea bag as gauze, place at extraction site and bite firmly.   If bleeding continues heavily after 5 hours, please call our office 408-735-7535 immediately.  After hours, call Dr. Nguyen’s mobile 408-506-5029.
  • Try not to spit on the first day. That will make it bleed longer.
  • DO NOT smoke for one week.
  • Do not drink with a straw. That may make it bleed longer
  • DO NOT remove blood clot from tooth socket.

Finish your prescribed antibiotics even if you no longer have pain.  You probably will need pain medication for the first 1-3 day.

Instruction for Home use of MI paste or Prevident (supplemental fluoride)

  • Please brush and floss your teeth thoroughly first. Dry them.
  • If have a tray, then place a thin strip of paste into the tray.  There should be enough paste to spread all over teeth surface. Then wear the tray for 30 min or through the night.
  • If  do not have a tray, then dry brush the paste all over the teeth, with emphasis on the weakened/sensitive area. Swish around for 1 minute. Spit out. DO NOT RINSE. No eating or drinking for 30 min.
  • Best apply before bedtime and after breakfast.  Frequency & duration vary by you cavities risk.  Please ask Dr. Nguyen.

Post Fluoride Varnish and/or Arestin (in Office) Application

  • Arestin is basically a dose of slow-released  Tetracycline granules.  Its purpose is to stay in your deep gum pocket and slowly release the antibiotic to keep the gum infection at bay. It usually last about 3-4 months.
  • 5% Sodium Fluoride varnish was also applied to your teeth today to deliver fluoride to your teeth, and protect the Arestin if applied.  To obtain the maximum benefit of this protective coating, we ask you to do the following things after leaving out office.
  • Do not brush and floss for at least 4-6 hour after application.
  • If possible, please wait until the next day to resume normal hygiene on the treated side.
  • Eat a soft food diet on the first day.
  • Avoid hot drinks and any liquid with alcohol (i.e. beverages, mouth rinses) during the first day.
  • You will be able to feel the Varnish on your teeth. After one day, you should able brush/floss it off.

Post Ortho Visit Instructions

  • Soreness:  After the braces or aligner is placed on, the teeth may be sore, usually for the first 1-2 weeks.  Aspirin, Advil or Aleve may be taken to relieve pain. If the soreness prohibits eating even soft food, please phone for an appointment so any necessary adjustments may be made.  If the inside of lips/cheeks are sore, the wax that is provided can be used as a cushion over the braces until the lips/cheeks become accustomed.  Taking pain medication prior to your ortho appointments can help minimize discomfort.
  • Hygiene:  BRUSH YOUR TEETH, GUMS, braces and wires thoroughly immediately after each meal and before going to bed.  Poor oral hygiene can result in puffy, bleeding gums and permanent white spots on teeth.  INFLAMMATION AND BLEEDING WILL DELAY YOUR TREATMENT.  An interproximal brush or a waterpik  is the best way to clean around your braces and at the gumline.  Do this first and then use your manual/electrical toothbrush and toothpaste after to clean and deliver fluoride to the teeth.  Floss at least once at night. We reserve the right to suspend or delay treatment if your oral hygiene is poor.
  • Hard Food:  DO NOT EAT hard food such as popcorn, ice, caramel/ hard candy, or crusty bread.  These foods can break the brackets. CUT UP foods such as meats, apples, carrots, etc. before eating them.  If abused is noted on more than three ortho visits requiring recementation of brackets repeatedly, a fee of $200 will be accessed per subsequent recementation.
  • Extra Prophy Appointment: When you are under ortho treatment, it is necessary to keep your gum healthy and that would require more frequent cleaning than twice a year. We shall place you under 3 month recall frequency.