Gum Treatments

There will be time that a regular cleaning is not enough to keep our patient gum healthy. When there is so much deposit under the gum for a long time, that would irritate the gum and causing it to bleed and eventually destroy the gum fiber that holds the teeth firm.  As a result, you will see deeper gum pocket and bone loss around the teeth.

Deep cleaning of the gum is usually done under anesthetic so we can slip below the gum and remove the deposit that infected the  gum.  In cases where gum disease has advanced aggressively, we would augment deep cleaning with the use of Diode Laser to sterilize the gum pocket after scaling. We may even use medicaments like Arestin or Periochip to slowly release antibiotic right at the affected site. Gum treatment success depends not only the doctor but what our patient does at home daily.

Good oral hygiene requires consistency and perseverance.

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